Resources for Parents of Younger Children

Passport 2 Purity – Dennis and Barbara Rainey 

Recommended by Jeff and Sara Ramirez and Christian and Jennifer Russell 

“The real blessing was not just the weekend itself but the honest communication it has encouraged until this day.” Jennifer 

The P2P Getaway Kit is an excellent way to begin the discussion about dating, relationships, sex, peer pressure and more with your preteen. The kit is designed to be used as a special weekend getaway to assist you in building heart-to-heart communication with your child and laying a foundation for purity that will prepare him or her for the turbulent years ahead. This resource is helpful for opening the lines of communication and making an awkward subject less awkward. It helps you let your child know that you are on his or her team! 

The kit includes: 

  • Audio CDs containing 5 sessions
  • Parent Guide
  • Journal for the preteen, including follow up pages to be used after theweekend


Princess and the Kiss by Jennie Bishop 

Recommended by Jennifer Russell for young girls and their mothers to share. 

This beautifully illustrated children’s story begins the conversation about what the gift of purity is and how to embrace God’s gift. The questions in the study guide can help to begin discussion and can give the opportunity for honest and open conversation.  


The Squire and the Scroll by Jennie Bishop 

Recommended by Jennifer Russell for young boys and their fathers to share. 

This book, similar to Princess and the Kiss, is written in the genre of a classic fairytale, who follows a young squire adventure in search for his king. This book begins discussion about the dangers of temptation, and what it takes to guard one’s heart from all that is impure. The questions in the study guide can help to begin discussion and give opportunity for honest and open conversation. 


The Garden Wallby Jennie Bishop 

Recommended by Jennifer Russell as a follow-up to Princess and the Kiss and The Squire ad the Scroll 

This children’s story of Loved is based on 1 Corinthians 13. It shows how a healthy friendship grows into a committed love as Seth and Petra build a beautiful garden and wall that protects it. The words of 1 Corinthians are practical to explore and discuss in all relationships.  Use this book to help open the doors of communication with your children as you teach them the very important lesson regarding healthy, and loving relationships. 


“How babies are made” by Steven Schepp and Andrew Andry 

Recommended by Jenni deCaussin and Jennifer Russell for young children 

A great resource for when your small child asks you where babies come from. It guides the child through a variety of reproductive processes in the plant and animal kingdom before going into the basics of human sexuality. The illustrator uses paper cutouts that are not overly detailed and provide clarity, honesty and accuracy. This book is factual and brief, focusing on how a mother and father makes and cares for a baby. It will provide your child with a foundational knowledge about sex that will satisfy their curiosity, leaving out a lot of details they may not be ready for yet.



The Story of Me: Book 1 by Stan and Brenna Jones 

Recommended by Jennifer Russell for ages 3 and up 

Lays a spiritual foundation for the child’s understanding of his or her sexuality. Develop an appreciation for God’s marvelous gift by understanding some of the basics of human reproduction. Discusses the growth of a child inside the mother’s body and the birth process. 




Before I was Born: Book 2 by Carolyn Nystrom 

Recommended by Jennifer Russell for ages 5 and up 

This book is one of a series designed to help parents shape their children’s character, particularly in the area of sexuality. From their earliest years, our children are bombarded constantly with destructive and false messages about of sex. Here is a biblical, practical antidote that will orient children along healthy lines.