A Summit for Young People

Designed for Young People

This summit is designed especially for young people aged 13-30, baptized and not, who are interested in trying to follow God’s guidance in their life and relationships.

Male and Female sessions

Males and females will have separate sessions and discussions so that they can discuss issues that are most relevant to them.

Parent sessions

There will also be separate sessions for parents with dependent children and youth leaders who are working with CYC-aged teens.  Your leadership and example is very important too!


A continental breakfast as well as lunch and dinner will be provided as part of the day.  Cookies, coffee, and fresh-made espresso will also be available for purchase in a fun café setting.  All proceeds from the café will be used to defray the costs of the summit.

A time for empathy

A major focus of the summit is realizing that we are not alone, we are all struggling with these issues, and that there is help available.  After every session there will be an opportunity to discuss the contents of the class and build the bonds of friendship that are so necessary in our walk towards God’s kingdom.

What you’ll learn


Without a vision, the people perish!  Learn how God wants what’s best for you in your friendships, dating relationships, and marriages.



God wants you to be holy, like He is holy.  Learn how you can make your relationships stronger by placing God at the center of them.


Fighting the world is tough!  Don’t try to do it alone!  Learn about books, websites, and people who can help you to stay faithful to God in your relationships.

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About us

The Blessings of Godly Relationships Youth Summit is being organized by a group of Christadelphians from California who have been alarmed by the way the world’s values have been infiltrating our young people, and who think that it is important to give them a vision of something better than the cultural norm in their friendships and marriages.  The committee consists of the following people:

  • Christian and Jennifer Russell
  • Ben and Naomi Gallagher
  • Rebekah Eustis
  • James Robinson
  • Jenni de Caussin
  • Sharniie Tunnell

If you have any comments, suggestions, or would like to contribute something to our effort, including donations, please don’t hesitate to contact Jennifer Russell.